1 cup Coffee please — June 24, 2015

1 cup Coffee please

coffee-laptop-macbook-nails-Favim.com-2070549The first thing that reached me was the sweet aromatic smell, even before my lips could mate with the cup, and it was so rich that I could almost taste it at the tip of my tongue. I closed my eyes as I devoured in the flavor, while demolishing all the distances between those red fuller lips and that full cup of coffee which waited impatiently to kiss them and have a taste of those red lips. And now the wish was finally granted, as i took the fist sip of this coffee. The warm coffee entered my mouth and made love to it whilst it danced with my tongue. It pumped adrenaline into the streams of blood that run up and down my body thirsty to grasp every nook and corner of my body and conquer it. By the time i reached the last sip of it and gulped it down, It was victorious as I could feel myself warm in every nook and corner of my body while made a small smile hang at the edge of those faded red lips.

I quit — June 20, 2015

I quit

my finger hovered over the “unfriend” button. Why was it hovering? why am I hesitating? Is it because I don’t want to? Well was it ever about what you want? No it have always been about what you need to do, what people expect from you. Then what’s the hesitate, why am I not just doing it. Now I know what it was about, because I recall now that i said “I would leave if I ever see your message again” and I haven’t seen even a single message from you so isn’t unfriending a betrayal? yet I choose to do it because I remember reading on you wall the words “i quit”. Maybe they weren’t for me, but if they were. So lets assume that they were. So if they were doesn’t it means that everything is over? because all I ever wanted was you to hang on to me. To be there even when I looked you straight in to your eyes, fiercely telling you to leave. I just wanted you to stay so maybe when I read that I was pissed, I realized that you are like every other person who came in my life and then gradually left. Whom I pushed out and who chose to leave. So If you quit, then you leave, then you have no place on my new feed, on my wall or in my friend-list.

So why is my finger hovering over the “add friend” button? Is it because I don’t want you quit? I am not sure right now. But the thing that I am sure about is that I am not the type of person who betrays. So I press the button and decide that  I will add you. I will never get close to you again. I will not let myself get hurt. and  i will unfriend you if i ever see your name pop up on my screen, not caring if I have to cry myself to sleep every night.

Cause WordPress told me to — June 17, 2015

Cause WordPress told me to

I don’t know what to write right now except this. That i have always wanted to have a blog of my own where I can just write about my feelings and my point of views without giving a second thought that,OMG what happens if someone doesn’t agree, because in the end someone would.

So here it is!