She glided her hand through the soft hair that sat perfectly in an imperfect way on top of her head. Strands of hair very twirling around giving shape to her round face. Some say she is amazing as she is gentle and loving, However some believe that she is a sharp knife, but the truth is no one quite knows her well enough. She is a mystery. She always keeps to herself makes no friends keeps it low, yet people feel an attraction towards her which she doesn’t quite understands well either.
One night as she lays awake in her bed with all the thoughts tangled up in her head, gets up and starts pacing the hallways couldn’t comprehend as to what was wrong and what to do and that is when she lightly stepped on the stirs making sure no one wake up and head to the room that contains all her secrets. She opens the door runs her hand on the sleeping paint brushes who seemed dead as they were buried under the years of dust that kept hording on it. Filling the nearby container with water she slightly dipped the tip of the brush in it and then gifted it with rich color. In that moment she had no clue as to what were she doing it felt like she was driven by some invisible force as if she was enraptured in some kind of spell of hypnotism.
That moment of unawareness and vulnerability gave birth to a masterpiece. Such breathtaking display of aesthetically beautiful colors That when it got public through a series of events one couldn’t  say what it was yet when they saw it their heart skipped a beat. As they felt like a part of them was before their eyes like they could see themselves on that canvas for the first time. Somewhere deep in it there was hope which no one could see or feel but accepted it their hearts and the sub-consciousness of their minds.
while everyone was appreciating a gentleman observed an unusual writing on the painting where the artist signature is suppose to be. While he read the reading he looked behind himself and saw a young lady walking away whose hair sat perfectly in an imperfect way on top of head which strands that broke free of the tie. In that moment an eye contact was made which sealed a silent contract between the two with a tip of head and a loosely hanging smile. That was when he realized what the words actually meant. And those words were “in that moment”