What did you think? That I didn’t know? Just because I don’t say it. I don’t show it. I don’t let it on, I don’t know. I know that my existence merely means anything to someone other than a source of entertainment, a person who has perfect life who is always smiling and laughing. Carefree problem free.

Yet however when you told me that they all are fake, that I don’t mean to them, I didn’t believe you because I didn’t want to, but you were proved right and my hopes crashed she started counted her friends the people who she can count on, and seems like she just forgot to say my name!

I am the person who is friends with everyone yet no one is friends with her.

And the reason why I don’t let it control me and I try to steal happiness whenever I see the opportunity because I know if I let it I would lose my sanity, I would be devastated.